So, this is me...

Mum of 3

Company of one

Calm Creative / Ditsy Deliberator in equal parts.

This is me! Just me. Not a 360 agency offering every service you need, and not for everybody either.

For brands and retailers, who need support with their visual communication. Be it brand look & feel, seasonal campaign or tactical activation.

You’ll never hear me referring to myself as a mysterious ‘we’. But you will hear me sell the skills of my multi-disciplined network, those I collaborate with as needed, to deliver your wider needs. Copywriters, visual merchandisers, 3D designers, digital designers...I so strongly believe in the power of collaboration. They are my ‘we’.


And then there’s you. You can be my ‘we’ too. We can work together, to solve your problems, win over your challenges, and create your beautiful vision.

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